Thursday, April 26, 2007

Solid Citizens for the Gospel

1 Peter 2:13 - "Be subject, for the Lord's sake, to every human authority."
(notes from the message)

Granted, no system is perfect, including our own.

Granted, leaders are sinners, and they often are cruel and/or corrupt

Granted, this system may abuse you personally, as Jesus’ government abused Him

Nonetheless, the Grace of the Gospel Shines in Submission

Not in lordship – co-opting government position to enforce one’s point of view. Christian politicians must be public servants.

Not in belligerence – opposing the government with legitimate concerns, but using ungracious means

Not best even in protest or resistance – though citizens hold these as rights. But if Christians use these rights, they must accompany their words by gracious actions consistent with the measures that they advocate.

Grace Shines in Doing Good

While temporal praise is arbitrary, doing good will shine as it is seen in the many-colored shades of kindness

Eternal praise is authentic, and, in addition, the glad-hearted doing of good produces both joy and peace

Am I a Solid Gospel-Citizen?

Solid Gospel-Citizens are not measured by their vote, nor are they measured by their political action

Submission is a constant theme for Solid Gospel-Citizens, rendering obedience to God-appointed authorities, even as they await God’s “kingdom” resolution.

Doing Good always outweighs talking politics. It is Doing Good that constitutes the praiseworthy expressions of obedience, kindness and service.

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