Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jesus' Death

Imagine this conversation between two Galileans days after Jesus death:
"Did you hear, Jesus died."
'No, that's too bad. Was he ill?'
"No, no. He didn't just expire. He was killed."
'How terrible! Was it an accident? Did he drown, or did he fall?'
"No, he wasn't killed accidentally. He was killed on purpose."
'You can't be serious! Was it those Romans?'
"Well, yes, .. and no. It actually started with the Jewish leaders. Worse yet, it even involved one his own disciples."
'But how was he killed? Was he assassinated? Was it a riot? How were the Romans involved?'
"The Jewish high priest brought charges against him before Pilate, and he eventually handed him over to be crucified.
'Crucified! Then he wasn't just killed. He was executed.'
"Well, yes, except he was executed voluntarily."
'No one is executed voluntarily. That's why they use soldiers.'
"Ah, but Jesus knew and accepted this death as his life mission. He died for you and me."
'Oh, so his life wasn't taken from him. He gave his life for us.'
"Yes, that's right."

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