Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Don't Put Your God Under a Bushel

Jesus said, "No one puts a light under a bushel" (Mk 4:21). God is light (1 Jn 1:5), so I don't think I am stretching the point to say, "Don't go putting your God under a bushel."

Imagine a wife who purposes to speak well of her husband. That is commendable. We do not suppose that the man is perfect. But this wife will not speak in public of his imperfections. Maybe he has an anger problem. Maybe he drinks too much. Maybe he is proud and self-centered. Nonetheless, this devoted wife will not out her husbands faults.

But Christian, God is not a partner whose flaws we must cover. God is perfect in His mercy, but also in His judgments. Yet we act like devoted wives, wanting people to think well of Him, covering God's fault of judgment. Christian, God has no character defects. His judgment is glorious, whether or not we can see it or explain it. It is not something that should be kept secret.

Why should the public have any respect for a God concerning whom we act embarrassed? 

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