Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Answer to our Hopes and Dreams

• We want to be safe and secure.
• We want our kids to succeed.
• We want to be comfortable, and happy.
• These are our hopes and dreams.

And the person, or institution, or philosophy that can deliver our hopes and dreams we could call “savior.”

But there is the problem. There is only One Savior. And the hopes and dreams he has personally pledged to deliver may or may not align with our self-chosen hopes and dreams.

Jesus’ last name isn’t “Christ.” The term “Christ” is a title. He is “the Messiah” (the Old Testament version of the very same concept as “Christ”). “Christ” and “Messiah” mean “Anointed One.” He is the only One authorized and able (anointed and appointed) to deliver our legitimate hopes and dreams.

When I submit to Christ, I allow him to dictate what are those legitimate hopes and dreams. They include such things as:
• Being put right with God
• Receiving forgiveness of sins
• Being adopted into God’s family
• Receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit
These are hopes and dreams that we can live with, and for which we can commend to our children.

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