Friday, August 01, 2008

Conclusion to Do Hard Things

from the book Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion against Low Expectations, by Alex and Brett Harris.

The Three Pillars of the Rebelution: character, competence, and collaboration (p. 176)
These provide an easy framework from which to Do Hard Things. Here are some of the questions that these authors have provoked me to ask about myself:

1. Concerning character

a. Am I being honest with my own heart about sins and shortcomings; about misses and failures?
b. Am I allowing Scripture to dissect my life? When I read Scripture, do I apply it personally?
c. Am I carefully listening to what others tell me? Do I seek their input?

2. Concerning competence

a. Am I paying attention to the small things, to practice them diligently?
b. Am I daring to do bigger things – things that I have never done before?
c. Am I learning from my mistakes?

3. Concerning collaboration

a. How many new people are in my circle of contacts, with whom I share ideas and make plans?
b. How many things do I find myself doing all by myself, not involving others?
c. Who am I discipling and mentoring?

A Holy Ambition (p. 181)
Not all of our ambitions are holy. Even when it comes to character, competence and collaboration, we can go astray. We might aim to see our character shaped by some shining human personality, replete with distortions, rather than like Christ, who is perfect and beautiful in his holiness. We can become competent at some pretty bad things, or become proud when we get good at good things. Teams can go astray, just like individuals.

So how can I make my ambitions holy? By making sure they aren’t mine to begin with, but God’s. When I am drawn in to His ambitions, to do my part in His way in His time, enabled by His Spirit for the fame of His Son, - then they are holy. Anything less is profane.

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